The life of an architect



"The life of an architect"



For more information about booking and pricing:

arch. Mike Hermans

Keulsebaan 75

2243 Pulle


T +32 (0)484 274 004



For more information about booking and pricing in Germany:

DOM Publishers

arch. Philipp Meuser (Publisher)

+49.30.20 69 69 30


Type of show:

The show is a one-man stand-up comedy show where the author of the strip talks about his life as an architect through his alter ego Archibald, the main character of the strip. He talks about his experiences with his office workers, clients, contractors, civil servants, project developers and other people working in the architecture industry.




The set consists of the setting of his office.

Topics will be supported by the projection of strips and 2D-animations.




90 minutes.




Choice between dutch and english.



Book signing:

The show will be followed by a book signing and an informal party afterwards.